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100% Plant Based Foods


Guided by the philosophy of slow-food, our selected soybeans are pressed to release optimal flavour - fresh and naturally nutty with a luxe mouth-feel. Some are fermenting in a year-long process to develop incredibly complex flavours - ask me next spring for Doenjang and soy sauce. 

Soy'oy'oy makes soy-based foods - tofu, soy milk, tempeh, caffe-free soy coffee, okara (soy lees), vegan deluxe Tofu Chocolate Mousse,  and annually Doenjang plus soy sauce - in small batches from its commercial kitchen in 

southern Tasmania.

Preservatives and stress free. 

Quality Ingredients


Australian certified-organic soybeans, from a selected mill in Queensland, make our range of silky soy foods. In the case of Tempeh...lumpy.

This future-friendly mill was chosen for its decision to secure perfect high-protein soybeans without harmful sprays. And to also share the load of producing the 'golden-est' beans (and moolah) with contracted farms . . . farms that meet the best criteria for producing said Golden Bean. (ACO Certificate 41)

During pressing, fermenting, grinding or steaming perfect timing ensures that the soybeans earthy character is maintained.


Farming son and Soy'oy'oy pioneer, James, is nutso about the golden bean, soy . . .

Silky medium tofu made by Soy'oy'oy from organic soybeans is the base for a protein rich vegan meal

As a dairy-fussy young’un’ the lad’s diet was a parade of alternative foods in a traditional meat and three veg family.

With home long away, he continues his love of legumes, especially the smooth soybean. A whole food and waste-not-want-not fan, he hand-presses soy into fresh ‘essentials’ to release the luxe and subtle nutty flavour - and makes James the curds-and-whey maestro that he is today.

Guided by the philosophy and tradition of slow-food, Soy’oy’oy uses only Australian organic soybeans sourced from an ACO miller in Queensland. To achieve optimal quality of the delicate nutty characteristics, our ‘Essentials’ – soy milk, silky medium tofu and tempeh - are handmade daily with filtered water, making every soy ‘Essential’ worth the patience. 

Our customers deserve fresh, preservative and sugar-free soy products . . . where the taste of the bean is King. And Queen. Most of all, we want to expand the appreciation of and prove that soy products (I’m looking at you, tofu) with their velvety mouth-feel are a perfect alternative to dairy. 

Tasting is converting

Tasmanian made tempeh - fermented soybeans - has a deep and rich mushroomy aroma

Our velvety Tasmanian Tofu is becoming the talk of the town. It's delicate enough for fine soups yet doesn't fall apart in the heat of a fry. It's tasty. It's fluffy. And our soy milk (S'milk) is rich in a traditional, beany creamy flavour without added sugars or preservatives. Tempeh...a bar of jaw-dropping, soy goodness - chewy and earthy aromatics.  S'Coffee is freshyly roasted soybeans that are finely ground for a non-caffeinated delight that's rich in mouthfeel and flavour for the entire cup. Or sprinkle on your ice-cream. Remember to drop into Farm Gate Market, Hobart on Sundays for a taste or tub of our 100% plant-based chocolate mousse. 

This is the review that's coming to reality

Panfried tofu with a ginger and soy sauce glaze

"I used the mass-market versions of spongy tofu and sugary soy milk for years -  discovering the flavours in Soyoyoy's good foods (at Farm Gate Market) make them an easy choice to buy instead. I love the organic, full flavoured, made-daily in Tasmania business!"

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Events + Markets

Sunday 7th April

Farm Gate Market / Bathurst Street, Hobart

8:30 am - 1pm

This week : Velvety Tofu, Soy Milk, Tofu Chocolate Mousse and Okara

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Sunday 7th April

Farm Gate Market / Bathurst Street, Hobart

8:30 am - 1pm

This week : Velvety Tofu, Soy Milk, Tofu Chocolate Mousse and Okara


Eumarrah Hobart

9am - 6pm

39 Barrack Street, Hobart

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Eumarrah Hobart

Organic, natural foods - bring your own containers for bulk buys

9am - 6pm

39 Barrack Street, Hobart

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